We grow the biggest and sweetest strawberries in the south.



Holland Bottom Farm LLC formerly known as Holland Bottom Farm is a family owned farm and was passed down to Tim Odom from his father, Larry, in November of last year. In May of 2015, Larry was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer and sadly lost his battle to this cancer in November leaving the farm to his son, Tim. Tim grew up on the farm learning all the tricks of the trade. With his wife, Leslie, by his side, Tim is keeping up the tradition of growing some of the best fruits and vegetables around, and they are making the farm their own.


It all began back in 1982, when Larry Odom’s vision became a reality and Holland Bottom Farm started growing strawberries as a U-Pick operation. We stopped U-Pick and started selling pre-picked berries in 1996.

With this transition also came enhancements to how we grow our produce. Using the latest technology, we continue growing strawberries on black plastic which helps reduce disease, weeds, provides a better quality of berry and a longer growing season. The strawberry plants are grown and shipped from northern California and are planted in mid-October. After planting they are monitored carefully for several weeks and will then lay in dormancy for the winter. Depending on weather conditions and growth of the berries, row covers are used for growth in October and November, protection against the bitter cold, and frost protection for the blooms in March and April.

The strawberry season normally begins around the 1st of April (depending on the weather conditions) and lasts till June 1st. Our berries are sold pre-picked at Holland Bottom Farm Produce Stand (Hwy 321) and are picked fresh every day. We pick and sell our berries very ripe thereby giving the customer the sweetest strawberry possible. Our berries are renowned as the sweetest berries in Arkansas. Normally, berries are most plentiful around Mother’s Day. We have loyal customers from all over the State of Arkansas as well as surrounding states that plan their vacation and/or visits to Cabot for our strawberries. Due to this overwhelming popularity, our farm has seen travelers from Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, and as far north as New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Alaska make the trip for our berries. In conjunction with our Produce stand we have a truck in Cabot at the corner of Hwy 5 and Rockwood and another truck that goes to Searcy, Arkansas to sell our berries. This location is across from the local hospital on Race Street.

From June 1 and throughout the summer, we grow and sell summer fruits and vegetables including peaches (7 to 8 varieties), sweet onions, okra, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh purple hull peas, sweet corn, peppers, melons, blueberries, and blackberries. We also have a large fireworks tent set up each year to celebrate the 4th of July holiday.

Starting this fall, we are going all out with a wide array of fall décor, including all kinds of ornamental pumpkins, unique gourds, mums, straw, and much more.

We hope you will come to Holland Bottom Farm LLC for all of your home grown fruits and vegetables.

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